How to Hire Contractors

How to Hire Contractors

Sometimes hiring a contractor isn’t the best option but when it is, and we have three simple things you should do.

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How do you hire contractors without getting scammed? You’re likely asking why this would be such a huge problem. Well, what we found after receiving dozens of calls from our clients is that it’s genuinely quite a large issue. 

Recently one of our clients called and we went out to their home and gave them an offer on their house. Then a couple of weeks ago they decided that they could likely make more money if they went through the process of fixing the house up themselves, which is completely true. So, she hired a contractor and started the process and found out after only two weeks that it was turning into more than she could handle. She called us back this week and implored us to take the offer we’d originally given her and of course, we did. We honored that agreement and it allowed her to go back to the contractor and cancel all of the agreements with him. Now she couldn’t be happier.

Sometimes contractors take advantage of clients not truly knowing what they’re doing when it comes to home repairs.

If you are still thinking about hiring a contractor, here are three things we have found helpful:

  1. Ask for a referral for a contractor from a trusted friend or advisor.
  1. See what the contractor’s rating is on the Better Business Bureau. 
  1. Look at what the contractor’s reviews are on sites like Google. 

If this is not something you want to do and would rather consider selling as is, we’d be glad to do a free in-home consultation and evaluation. We’d be happy to come out, explain what we would do if we were going to make the repairs, and share what our offer would be if you decided to sell it without making any repairs. 

If you have any questions about hiring contractors or other topics related to real estate or you’d like to take advantage of our free consultation and analysis, please reach out by phone or email. I’d be thrilled to help you!

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