How to Sell a Home “As-Is”

Twin Cities Home Buyers: How Do You Sell Your Home As Is?

What happens when an investor buys your property “as-is”? Allow us to explain how our own team handles this arrangement today.

How It Works
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One of the main benefits of selling your home to an investor is that you can do so without making any repairs. In other words, you get to sell your home “as-is.”

When you sell your home this way, the investor will sign an “as-is” addendum on your real estate contract. This addendum removes liability from you, the homeowner, for any issues that arise as a result of the home’s condition.

When our team buys properties directly, we assume total liability.

You can also sell the property without submitting a disclosure form assuming the buyer agrees to such an arrangement. This is usually done in the case of sellers who inherited the property or who haven’t lived in it for very long.

When our team buys properties directly, we assume total liability. However, many municipalities require an inspection per the Truth in Sale of Housing law. In situations where this is the case, our team will pay for this inspection and make any required repairs ourselves after signing an Assumption Agreement at closing. This way, you don’t have to worry about the city flagging the property at any point in the deal.

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